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Lightning Fast

L-3’s Stormscope® system delivers the most current and accurate lightning data in real time, not minutes past the event. No other weather tracking system is as reliable and timely for plotting convective activity and associated hazards, such as turbulence and wind shear. While other systems show you where storms were, Stormscope shows you where they are. Even if you already have datalink weather, adding a Stormscope system to your cockpit gives you the complete weather picture as it’s happening.

Stormscope Weather Mapping Systems were the first airborne instruments developed specifically to detect and map thunderstorms by analyzing the radiated signals of electrical discharges from storm cells. During the cumulus stage of a thunderstorm, storm cells are usually precipitation-free, and weather radar is unable to show activity. Stormscope, by detecting the electrical activity already present as the storm builds, provides an accurate view of areas that should be avoided. Stormscope processes both azimuth and range to determine the location and intensity of dangerous thunderstorm cells – then presents the findings in real time.

Stormscope Series Key Features

  • Plots lightning as it happens, before the onset of precipitation
  • Displays lightning in 25, 50, 100 and 200 nmi ranges
  • Pilot selectable cell and strike modes
  • 360-degree view, or 120-degree forward looking
  • Updates lightning information every second
  • Strike Rate indicator details building or dissipating storms
  • Integrates with SkyWatch Collision Avoidance Systems