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TAWS Database Notices

The LandMark™ datacard includes terrain, obstacle, runway databases and magnetic variation information.

  • The Jeppesen® NavData™ runway database is updated every 28 days on AIRAC* cycles with new runway information.
  • The Jeppesen® terrain database is updated at irregular intervals whenever new data is available from government sources.
  • The Obstacle database is updated approximately every 56 days on every other AIRAC cycle when released by the FAA.
  • The Magnetic Variation tables are provided by NOAA and do not require frequent updates as they are good for many years at a time.

*AIRAC (Aeronautical Information Regulation and Control)

From time to time, the agencies that supply this data may report problems with the data. This page will alert LandMark™ system users to notices that may affect them.

Date: March 25, 2011
TAWS Database
Versions Affected:
All Database Versions

Updated terrain data now available. Contact L-3 Avionics Customer Support for more information.