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LandMark™ Models

LandMark 8000 Processor

The LandMark model 8000 is one of the most cost effective ways to add TAWS to existing EFIS, MFD or Radar Indicators. Designed with the latest model or upgraded cockpits in mind, the LandMark 8000 utilizes compatible ADC and GPS inputs to provide accurate terrain data on your aircraft’s existing display. As one of the most affordable Class B TAWS, the LandMark 8000 economically satisfies the FAA mandate for turbine-powered aircraft. Both LandMark 8000 and 8100 models have been tested to 900 kts, assuring reliable performance in any class B jet or turbo-prop.

  • Display interfaces for MFD, Radar & EFIS
  • 900 knot speed performance for any aircraft
  • Enhanced altitude depictions with 11 color gradations for crisp, easy to interpret imaging
  • Compatible with most existing GPS
  • Altitude call-out and selectable aural alert phrases
  • Installer-selected panel indicator lights & switches
  • Includes all FAA TAWS B mandated alerting modes
Landmark _8000

LandMark 8100 Processor

LandMark is the first stand-alone Class B TAWS to offer an optional WAAS-GPS sensor. With this accurate positioning information, the LandMark 8100 model powered with WAAS-GPS eliminates the need for multiple inputs from other aircraft sensors - simplifying the installation process. Just add your compatible display and you have everything needed to complete the installation. By operating autonomously, the LandMark 8100 provides the highest integrity terrain data without complicated GPS, ADC or temperature inputs. Add to that its 320 mile range and you have one of the most comprehensive and affordable Class B systems on the market. Whether depicting terrain on an MFD, EFIS or Radar Indicator, the LandMark TAWS Model 8100 easily integrates with existing cockpits.

  • WAAS-GPS powered for simplified installations-completely eliminating other required sensor inputs
  • 320 mile range - 900 knot speed performance
  • Distinct symbology for runways, obstacles and terrain
  • Display interfaces for MFD, Radar & EFIS
  • 11 color gradations for crisp, easy to interpret imaging
  • Small, lightweight design for business and GA aircraft
  • Compact flash database card for easy updating
Landmark _8100