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IRIS™ makes the invisible... visible

For years, only high-end business jets have enjoyed the safety and confidence that comes from an infrared camera system. Now this technology is available to almost anyone who flies, regardless of aircraft platform. IRIS technology is a tremendous aid to terrain mapping, collision avoidance, ground maneuvers, weather mapping and situational awareness. It aids the pilot during take-offs and landings by helping them spot animals, ground crew and other taxiing aircraft. Fly with confidence, day or night, IFR or VFR.

Iris _scenes

IRIS™ generates images during:

  • Total Darkness
  • Smog (Day or Night)
  • Smoke
  • Blowing Dust
  • Blinding Sunlight
  • Haze
  • Take Offs
  • En route
  • Approaches
  • Landings
  • Ground Operations

IRIS™ defines objects such as:

  • Animals
  • Ground Handling Crews
  • Other Aircraft
  • Support Vehicles
  • Buildings
  • Ground Markings
  • Terrain & Water
  • Runways & Taxiways
  • Cloud Ceilings