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The Secondary Systems that are Second to None

Your safety in the air depends on getting the right reference when you need it. Designed by the world leader in standby instrumentation, the Electronic Standby Instrument Systems (ESIS) are compact and require minimal power during operation. All models use a full-color AMLCD and provide exceptional readability in direct sunlight, as well as dark cockpit environments. The multi-function display offers clear off-axis viewing and anti-aliasing of graphics for crisp readouts at any attitude.

ESIS Series Key Features

  • Attitude, altitude, airspeed, heading and navigation information
  • Full-color active matrix LCD display
  • Full range of navigation interfaces
  • Easily adapts to your aircraft's flight deck
  • Solid-state internal sensors eliminate the need for separate spinning mass gyro
  • Increased reliability and performance over electro-mechanical systems